T&C Garden Club hold monthly meeting


The Town and Country Garden Club met on March 20 in the home of Mrs. Elaine Thompson, with Mrs. Kay Crowson serving as co-hostess.

Mrs. Sandra Culwell, President, called the meeting to order and call on Mrs. Dale Shumaker to give the inspiration. She gave a beautiful meaning of God’s Creation and the beauty of Spring.

She then called for the reading of the minutes. In the absense of Debbie Moody, Secretary, Frances Ball read the minutes, which were approved unanimously. She also called the roll, with ten members and two guest present. Guests were Mrs. Jennie Lee Stone and Mrs. Debbie Cooper. Mrs. Dale Shumaker gave the Treasurer’s Report.

In announcements, the Youth Nature Camp has been postponed until the year 2015. Mrs. Frances Ball presented the Horticulture, which was a specimen of Forsythia both in bloom and a stem of foilage. This is a hardy shrub grown mostly in the southern zones, and is commonly used as a border plant but is also beautiful used as a landscape.

It is named for William Forsythe, an English botonist (1737-1804), who was Superintendent of St. James and Kensington Palaces in London, England.

Mrs. Elaine Thompson presented the design, which was a Spring mixture of flowers consisting of daffodils, snow drops, quince made in an unusual container. It was some metal springs taken from an old automobile of years ago.

Mrs. Culwell then reminded those who will be responsible for placing arrangements in the library during the month of April. Also, a reminder of the upcoming Garden Clubs of MS. State Convention which will be April 22-24 in Columbus.

A card of thanks was read from the Louisville Group Home for the apple tree which was planted on the gorunds in commemoration of Arbor Day. A work day at the MS. Garden Club Headquarters in Greenwood was announced for March 26.

The State Flower Show was announced for June 2 in Hattiesburg Convention Center. It will be a competition for design. State dues have been increased by $4 in order to help with the headquarter upkeep, Miss Gardener, etc.

Mrs. Carol Bullard from Pope and former MS. State Garden Club President and a horticulturist, gave a most interesting program on plant propagation. She showed a Powerpoint on specimens which she had rooted and grown. The cuttings included cuttings from softwood, such as Hydrangeas Tip, semi-hardwood, hardwood leaf and roof cuttings.

She had made make-shift greenhouses from very common containers such a clear plastic containers varying in size. She had several cuttings from different begonias and other plant materials. She gave interesting tips on planting seeds by using the proper seed soil. Also, when plants reach a certain height, it must be trasferred to a larger container.

Moisture is key to the success of plant growth. Carol brought several trays of rooted cuttings which were given to members by calling names which were drawn. Space does not permit all of the very informative ideas which she presented. Each member was ready to go home and begin rooting and planting new plants for the Spring and Summer season.

Landscape School will be held at Lake Tiak-O-Khata May 7-9. Frances Ball gave an update on the Rock Patio Project at Legion State Park. The meeting was adjourned until next month April 17, which will be held in the home of Mrs. Frances Pierce.

Delicious refreshments were served by the hostesses.