Temple Trilogy: Part II

Submitted by Jan Ballard
Mississippi State University Extension Service
Choctaw County

Excerpt from Goodreads, regarding A Rented World, by Merle Temple:

“One has to wonder how a hero, a white knight like Michael Parker, could ever be taken in and then taken down. In the first book of the trilogy, A Ghostly Shade of Pale, Michael wore the armor of God, and he seemed invincible. Now, in A Rented World, he once again takes on much of what is evil in men in the form of corporate and political corruption during the 1980’s and 1990’s, in Georgia and all the way to Washington D.C. But whether a man is Goliath, or a White Knight covered by armor, there is one point of vulnerability…right between the eyes.

Because our book club has had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Merle, it is not only difficult to read this book and determine where Merle stops and Michael starts and vice versa, but it becomes even more amazing and more painful to join him on this journey. When the third book is completed, if the title had not already been used by John Bunyon, there’s no doubt the trilogy could have been called A Pilgrim’s Progress.”

[This just happens to be the review from Yarn Spinners about Mr. Temple’s second book and it was printed on Goodreads.com.]

Merle Temple will return to Choctaw County Library at 10 a.m on Tuesday, March 3 to discuss the second book in his trilogy, A Rented World. If you read and liked his first book, you will not be disappointed, the second book is even better. If you have not read either book, please join Yarn Spinners on Tuesday morning anyway and listen to the discussion. You may or may not decide you would like to read Mr. Temple’s books, but either way you can interact with some great people, possibly hear a lively discussion, enjoy a few snacks, and get to meet one of Mississippi’s own authors.

Currently the book is available to borrow from Choctaw County Library or may be purchased from www.amazon.com paperback, $17.96 or Kindle, $6.99.

Please call the Mississippi State University Extension Office-Choctaw County with questions, 662-285-6337.