Tennis For Life Camp to begin next month

By Daniel Brunty The Winston County Journal

With the summer brings another year of the Tennis For Life Camp to the Winston County area.

The 2012 Tennis For Life Camp will be held from July 9-13 at the Ivy Park Tennis Courts. One of the founders of the camp, Mike Robertson, spoke on this year’s upcoming event.

“It’s a Christian tennis camp for children ages 9-12,” Robertson said. “We start each day with prayer and a short Bible lesson that lasts around 20 minutes. Then we start the tennis lessons”

The camp is designed for all skill levels of players. “Most of the players are beginners,” Robertson said. “Most have never stepped on a tennis court before.”

Robertson is hoping to reach the children with a positive message while entertaining. “Basically this was a camp me and my friend Jim McAdory started a few years ago,” Robertson said. “It was designed by a group us guys to bring together three things we really have a passion for, and that is for God, children, and tennis. And we use the game of tennis to reach out to children and hopefully give them and introduction to the word of God.”

Participants who are attending for the second time may notice changes in the camp from previous years. “The first two camps we did were at night,” Robertson said. We did it for an hour twice a week for five weeks. We actually had 10 sessions. This time we are changing the format. We are going to be doing an hour and a half in the mornings for five straight days.”

The change in time will be a benefit for the children. “Some of the reasons we are changing it up is because issues with heat,” Robertson said. “When you get out there at five in the afternoon, a tennis court can reach up to 120 degrees.

That is tough on those kids. Also having the days spread out like we did, we started running into conflict of schedules with vacation bible schools, basketball camps and other programs.”

With the number of coaches that the camp provides, attendance numbers have to accommodate them. “We are setting up the camp to have 20 children,” Robertson said. “We don’t like to have over 20 because if we do, with the number of coaches we have, we may not be able to give all the children the attention they really need. Right now, we already have half of that number registered.”

Starting time for the camp will be at 8:30 a.m. and end at 10 a.m. With a strong combination of Christian faith and a positive attitude to enhance a skill, the children attending the camp look to reap multiple benefits.