The economic impact of Winston Medical Center on the economy

From staff and press reports

A comprehensive study of the economic impact of health care in Mississippi shows that hospitals including Winston Medical Center have a staggering impact on the state economy. Study findings show hospitals alone generate: • $11.9 billion total impact on the state economy • 60,143 full time job equivalent employees (5.7% of total statewide employment). Hospitals also created an additional 34,557 jobs outside of their facilities. • Payrolls and benefits totaled $3.2 billion per year (with a total economic impact of $5.8 billion) • Average hospital employee salary of $42,193 (compared to Mississippi average of $33,185) These numbers tally only a fraction of the economic impact of the hospital on the state’s economy. As the hospitals spend dollars for operating and capital expenditures, they create jobs and payroll in other businesses in the economy. In total, 94,700 jobs are created by hospitals alone in Mississippi due to hospital employment, operational activities and construction activities. Winston Medical Center has a total economic impact of $28,926,000 in the community. The hospital is also responsible for the creation of 310 jobs. “As Mississippi leaders continue to consider the state’s economic priorities and look for ways to create more jobs, they should keep in mind the importance of hospitals and health care to the state economy,” said Sam W. Cameron, MHA President/CEO. “This study shows that health care is much more to Mississippi than hospitals, clinics and doctors. The ripple effect of the health care sector throughout Mississippi’s economy is enormous. What’s good for Mississippi’s hospitals is good for Mississippi’s economy.” Many of the people working in hospitals are highly skilled and well paid. The average hospital employee salary in Mississippi is $42,193. Throughout the recession, hospitals have served as a firm foundation for the state’s economy. Mississippi hospital employment remained stable even while manufacturing and other sectors shed jobs in record numbers. Mississippi hospitals directly provide over $3.2 billion in salaries and benefits and generate another $2.1 billion annually in income through other jobs. Mississippi’s health care sector is also generating more new jobs faster than the national average. According to the Bureau of Labor, 1 of 4 new jobs in the current economy are related to health care. The health care sector is not only the nation’s top job generator, but it’s also one of the few major industries producing new jobs. Lee McCall, administrator of the Winston Medical Center, recently provided the Winston County Medical Foundation board of directors with an overview the hospital’s impact on the community and the focus on the future for the Medical Center. McCall outlined the major strengths of Winston Medical Center including that it was financially strong and continuing to improve all areas of the hospital. The hospital is presently receiving a $3 million makeover of the nursing home. McCall added that the hospital is also continually adding to the technology to better serve patients and more efficiently. The publication, Critical Care: The Economic Impact of Hospitals on Mississippi’s Economy, was commissioned by the Mississippi Hospital Association and conducted by DataGen. DataGen analyzed not only the direct economic contribution of hospitals, but also calculated how many jobs and how much income and tax revenue is created as a secondary effect. The jobs and payroll generated in other businesses are measured with employment and income multipliers derived for Mississippi.