The Teacher Academy spotlights Christy White

By Helen Black

Qurteshia Goss is currently shadowing Mrs. Christy White, a third grade teacher at Fair Elementary School. Mrs. White has been teaching for 23 years. She graduated from Mississippi State University with a Master’s degree in Education.

Mrs. White’s advice for new teachers would be for them to “have an open heart and open mind with your students. Love your students and let them know daily you believe in them and their accomplishments.”

Mrs. White believes that there is no job that is more rewarding than teaching children. She said that although it is very challenging, all of your hard work does pay off at the end if your students know that you are behind them.

Qurteshia Goss is a senior at the Career and Technology Center. She is a member of Future Educator’s Association and is looking forward to enrolling in college as her next educational step. She has enjoyed Mrs. White’s third graders. Her favorite part of field experience is “seeing my kid’s faces, and seeing them smile.” As all educators know, it doesn’t take long for us to develop close relationships with our students.

Mrs. White has led Qurteshia by example. Qurteshia respects how Mrs. White is able to motivate, inspire, and influence her students. She especially admires how caring, committed, and patient Mrs. White is with all her students.

Qurteshia can’t help but wonder if she can meet the challenges of teaching. She wonders if she will be able to manage a classroom full of students as well as Mrs. White. This is what is so great about The Teacher Academy. This class helps the students decide if teaching is right for them. The students learn aspects of teaching that they may not have considered.

We thank Mrs. White and Fair Elementary School for giving our students this unique and relevant opportunity. With this knowledge, experience, and insight, students like Qurteshia will be more capable of making a career decision.