The Teacher Academy spotlights Mrs. Elicia Griffin

By Helen Black

Mrs. Elicia Griffin is a third grade teacher at Fair Elementary school. She is a 2012 graduate of Mississippi State University. She is happily married with a beautiful six year old daughter. She said that she always dreamed of becoming a teacher and is so proud to be at Fair Elementary. Her advice to new teachers is to take teaching one day at a time and enjoy falling into your routine with your students.

Amber Gill is a 10th grade student at the Winston-Louisville Career & Technology Center. She hopes to attend the Mississippi School for Mathematics & Science. She has been shadowing Mrs. Griffin and her third graders. Amber said that her favorite part of field experience is just getting to be with the students. She loves the personal relationships that she has built with each student and said that she had not realized that she would have such a rich and rewarding experience. Her favorite quote is ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ She hopes to instill this message in her future students one day.

Mrs. Griffin has taught Amber so much more than she could have learned from a textbook. She now has a first hand knowledge of significant classroom management processes that promote time-on- task. Mrs. Griffin has a well-organized room arrangement that provides easy student movement and good teacher-student eye contact. She has effective rules and procedures that aid in reducing the time spent on disruptions and disciplinary situations. Mrs. Griffin has helped Amber realize that one of her biggest challenges will be doing the hard work of pre-planning and preparing ample activities and materials that focus on the lesson momentum. Good planning reduces dead time and keeps students involved and on task. Thank you, Mrs. Griffin and Fair Elementary, for sharing your time, talents, and resources with the Teacher Academy students.