The Town & Country Garden Club holds February meeting


The Town & Country Garden Club met February 21, 2013 in the home of
Mrs. Francis Pierce with Mrs. Teresa Ellis as co-hostess.
Inspiration was given by Mrs. Elaine Thompson. Roll call was
answered and minutes approved. President Debbie moody gave the
treasurer’s report.

We had two horticulture specimens. Mrs. Dot Depriest brought a
Japanese poinsettia also known as devils backbone. It makes an
excellent border plant or accent plant or house plant. It is a
drought-resistant succulent and requires indirect sunlight or partial
shade. Mrs. Marie Shaw brought the sedum, commonly known as
stonecrops. Sedum is a succulent with foliage of many types topped
by starry flowers in late summer and fall. Low growing types are
perfect for rock gardens while taller varieties thrive in perennial
borders. They are easy care/low maintenance.

Mrs. Kay Crowson brought the design for the meeting. It was a
lovely flat container with three daffodils and forsythia (yellow
bell) and parrot plant. She also had a pottery rabbit on the side to
look as if it was eating.

We then had our program presented by Mrs. Betsy Walters of Madison,
Mississippi. She is an under graduate of Ole Miss and advance
degrees from Mississippi state and Mississippi University for Women.
She is a retired school teach and former president and member of the
galaxy garden club of Columbus. She loves to travel – even to
Antartica. Mrs. Walter’s program was “protecting aquactic ecosystems
– rain barrels”. We learned that a watershed is the area that drains
to a common water area. Mississippi has ten major watersheds.
Winston County has two of these (1) Noxubee (2) the head or beginning
of the Pearl River. Our water table has decreased because of more
population and industry. Mrs. Walters then showed us examples of
rain barrels and diverters and rain chains. Water collected in a
rain barrel is better for your plants and pets because it doesn’t
have added chemicals.

President Debbie Moody then ask for discussion of old and new business:
1. The Chamber of Commerce banquet is March 7, at the Pine Ridge lodge.
Debbie Moody and Frances Ball are in charge of the table arrangements.
Everyone that will help will meet that day at 2 pm. at the lodge.
2. Nominating committee for the new officers for the next two years
are: Marie Shaw, Shirley Hawkins, Frances Ball
3. Mrs. Shirely Hawkins reported that we can’t plant the tree at the
habitat for humanity house until we have dryer weather.
4. The march 21 meeting will be held at library with Debbie Moody
and Kay Crowson as hostesses.
5. We are invited to meet with the other garden clubs in Louisville
March 12 at 12 noon for lunch and a special speaker/designer.
Everyone is encouraged to go.

We enjoyed a refreshments and the meeting adjourned.

Garden tip: use a long oil funnel to water our house plants.