Time spent reading the newspaper may be much better than facebook

Facebook is not a diary.  There I said it- I feel better now.  Let me start by saying that not all posts on Facebook are full negative filth, but I must say that here lately I have read my fair share of it on “spacebook” as my father likes to call the popular social networking website.

Some of my “friends” on Facebook have went on 1500 word rants directing their criticisms and gripes toward politicians, best ex-friends, low down baby daddies, crummy bosses, etc…  The list could go on and on.  Maybe if they took that time to actually tell that person exactly what they thought instead of posting all their problems on Facebook their “problem” might be solved.

I think that it is absolutely ridiculous to treat Facebook like your therapist.  Even though your friends can comment, I hardly think that they have received their doctorate in psychology or psychiatry.  In laymen’s terms they are not qualified to help you muddle through your very trivial problem of whether or not to rub your dog’s nose in its own urine for punishment.

Do people not have any dignity anymore?  Do we have to tell the world how our cheating ex-husband is also in jail for not paying child support again?  Why do people feel the need to bash someone on Facebook, but not confront them face to face?

Do people not feel that they can actually speak with someone in person about their convictions or is it just easier to hide behind our cell phones and computers?

Now it must be noted that not all of my Facebook “friends” are shouting and yelling at one another.  I have some that post Bible verse after Bible verse after Bible verse.  To me these posts are perfectly acceptable.  These posts are positive, bright, and friendly.

That’s what Facebook is all about really.  It is there to help connect individuals and help develop positive relationships.  It is about reconnecting with family and friends that you haven’t seen in eons.

So next time you want to go on a typing spree about how rude the lady was at the check-out line, think about what you could do that would make a positive impact in the community.  Don’t replace a negative with a negative.  Replace it with a positive.

Let us all make an effort in 2014 to make not only Facebook, but our County a more positive place. And remember Facebook is not a diary.  A diary is a book that has a lock on it for a reason.

Editor’s note: Hanna McCain is an advertising consultant with the Winston County Journal, Choctaw Plaindealer and Webster Progress Times.