Town and Country Garden Club holds monthly meeting

From press reports

The Town & Country garden club met march 21, 2013 at the louisville
public library.

Mrs. Debbie Moody and Mrs. Kaye Crowson were co-hostess. The
inspiration ws given by Mrs. Bobbye Mills. Minutes were read and
roll call answered. Mrs. Dale Shumaker gave the treasurer’s report .

They welcomed two guest, Mrs. Brenda Jowers who has moved back to
Louisville from missouri and Mrs. Christie Hooks, the mother of the
family that is moving into the Habitat of Humanity home.

The program “attracting humming birds and butterflies to your yard or
garden” was presented by Dianne Paterson and Margaret Copeland of
Starkville, MS. They have both been members of the Oktibbeha Audubon
society for over thirty years. There program taught us many
interesting facts about humming birds. The humming bird spends the
winter in Central America then it will migrate as for north as
Canada. They will return to the same place year after year. The
male humming bird has red under his neck , the female is
camoflouged. The female does all the work and can nest three times a
year. The male only mates. Their nest is only as large as a walnut
and is always on a downward sloping small limb. There are usually
only two eggs. Sixty percent of their diet is insects. They can see
a feeder three fourths of a mile away. Replace the feed in the
feeder every three to four days. A recipe for the feed is four
parts water to one part sugar.

Mrs. Frances Ball brought the design. she used the “pink lady”
flowering quince in an interesting flat container that resembled sand
rock. Mrs. Dot Depriest brought a “paddle plant” for the
horticulture. it is a succulent with green leaves with red tips. A
very low maintanence plant. it can grow in a container with no hole
in the bottom, just wet gravel in the bottom.

President Moody ask for any new or old business:
1. Mrs. Kay Crowson ask if anyone wanted to buy a brick at the
library for $5 to support a school summer reading program.
2. They were reminded to meet April 11, 2013 at the First Baptist
Church parking lot to go to the Pilgramage in Columbus. They were
set to tour whitehall, Rosedale and Old Magnolia.
3. Everyone was reminded of State convention April 17, 2013. Our
club will be recognized. Debbie Moody won first place and tri color
for her design at the state flower show. Her design will be in the
2014 vision of beauty calander. Mrs. Frances Ball won first place on
her recyling litter presentation.
4. Dues of $20 will be due at the April meeting.
5. The library requested to do table arrangements for the
appreciation luncheon at the library for the city and county
officials on April 15, 2014. Debbie Moody and Sandra Culwell
6. Our club will be responsible for arrangements at the library for
the month of April.
7. Marie Shaw reported the results of the nominating committee for
new officers for next two years: president – Sandra Culwell, vice-
president –
Marie Shaw, secretary – Debbie Moody, treasurer – Dale Shumaker,
parlimentarion – Elaine Thompson, historian – Bobbye Mills.
7. Shirley Hawkins requested that everyone go to the habitat for
humanity house after the meeting to plant a red maple tree.
8. Mrs. Brenda Jowers was voted and approved to become a new member.
9. Mrs. Frances Ball wanted us to consider a new project for next
year – the self help program in the community.
10. Elaine Thomposon reported that Paul Simmons would purchase and
distribute feed in the bird feeders at Legion Park and we will
reimburse him. She also urged members to join Friends of the Park.

We were served refreshments and the meeting adjourned.

Garden tip: take care not to plant tender bedding plants too soon.
frost may be expected until endo of month. paint porch and patio