Town & Country Garden Club holds monthly meeting


The Town & Country Garden Club met on October 15 at the Evergreen Garden Center. There were 13 members present. President Debbie Moody called the meeting to order. Mrs. Frances Pierce gave the inspiration entitled “Ivy in the Walls.”

It describes a certain plant called “Virginia Creeper” as very invasive. It can grow in cracks and window facings and other such places. The analogy is that we too can let things enter into our lives that can be just as invasive. We must guard against such things happening in our lives.

Secretary Frances Ball called the roll and read the minutes, which were approved.

Town and country GC Pic Meeting 15_10Mrs. Elaine Thompson presented the Horticulture, which were actually two specimens. One was a Crimson-Burgundy Coleus, a very hardy summer plant and shows off its beauty whether in the yard or in a pot. The other was Tuberose, or “Polianthes.” It produces a cluster of blooms and has a stem of about eight inches. It is also strongly fragrant. It is a plant that returns each year.

Members brought their own containers in which they made their “Fairy Gardens.” President Moody reminded everyone who planned to apply for an award to begin now in order to have it ready for December 1.

She also called attention to the awards received at the Southern Pines District Fall Meeting. There were as follows; three 3rd place certificates for poetry contests for the 4th and 5th grades. We received an award for a Blue Ribbon Club, Merit Certificates for Adopt-A-Park, Civic Development, Horticulture, Landscape Design, Community Services, and an Appreciation Certificate for hosting the District Meeting. There were 81 members who attended the meeting.

Members voted to make a donation to the State Headquarters Landscape Fund in memory of our beloved past member, Mrs. Dorothy DePriest. We are all saddened at her passing. She was a longtime outstanding member of this club and will be sorely missed.

Announcements included, October 21, the 60th Edward C. Martin Landscape Design Symposium at MSU Campus, Bost Extension Center from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

October 28 will be the 100th Birthday Bash at the State Headquarters at the Elk Lodge in Greenwood starting at 10 a.m.

Thank you notes were read from Southern Pines Director Melinda Causey in appreciation of our hosting the Southern Pines District meeting.

Mrs. Linda Waldron of the Evergreen Garden Center presented the program, which was the designing of “Fairy Gardens.” She designed a Fall Garden, a Christmas Garden and displayed other gardens of various scenes. She began with the type container that would be suitable for such a design. She showed a big assortment of tiny figures such as benches, fence gates, fairies (girls & boys), bridges, etc, in addition to the plant material itself.

The components are so tiny, yet so distinctive. It causes an interest to make the design more curious as to each little component. It is a design that can be enjoyed during the winter months when everything else is dormant; here is this fresh green little jewel to brighten our day.

In addition to actually making the design, there is an abundant assortment of tiny little figures to purchase to make your own. This would be fun for children as well Mr. & Mrs. Waldron were very cordial hostesses and it was a very enjoyable meeting.

The meeting was adjourned until November 19, at which time we will meet with Mrs. Vale Tabor, and Mrs. Dale Shumaker as co-hostess.