Traipsin’ Round Town

Lynn Cunningham

Provides a view from the community.

Cold temps have plagued us down here in the Southland for weeks now but we must admit it’s that time of year—hog killin’ time. Burst pipes has been the theme, not necessarily an annual occurrence in Miss.

However, if you look closely you’ll see the buds are already set on the tree limbs and shrubs and within a string of weeks only, unfoldings of leaves and blooms will start to happen.

Life is a Stitch (Knitting Ladies of L’ville) Group is striving to get the word out about their workshop scheduled for Saturday, January 25, at 9:00 a.m. Community House. Stitching, knitting and crocheting will be the order of the day with hands-on help. Stitch your cares away with them. Needles, yarn and patterns will be provided. Small fee of $5.00 is requested upon registration. Call Head Stitcher Rebecca Garavett for info 662-773-5904 (sorry about wrong digit in last weeks column.) Men, women and children welcome.

Lots of good “notes” coming out of Jackson with the performance of Mississippi Symphony Orchestra premiering Maestro Crafton Beck’s composition of “Passages” , a musical cacophony extraordinaire. He explained in his brief remarks before cranking up the orchestra that his inspiration was to translate and reflect the chaotic crowded atmosphere (cerebral and non) of our daily lives in the 21st C. He also said he hoped to show musically the limitless possibility of human diversity. The program notes compared this piece to giving the sensation Alice might have felt on her passage through the looking glass (or Dorothy whirling around in the vortex) with a spin that includes our world community hurtling through a magnificent, awesome and even sacred space. As you might imagine there was considerate dissonance musically speaking. But it all came out all right and Conductor Beck himself forewarned and encouraged the audiences’ indulgence by allowing that it was only 14 minutes long. He graciously thanked the audience for listening and the orchestra for applying their talents to his composition. Anyone would be a little nervous touting their own work but Mastero Beck’s “Passages” was a great success at it’s premier by all accounts of the standing ovation.

Hallie Jean Harris Herring a L’ville native now living in Hattiesburg told me recently, she enjoyed a visit with Ann McIntyre Still at Ann’s house in Jackson. She said Ann has so many pretty things she’s collected, artwork and furniture. Ann used to own an antique shop in L’ville. Hallie Jean admired especially one of Katherine Smyth’s botanical paintings.

Are you watching Downtown Abbey? The saga continues. Do you have Directv ? It has dropped the Weather Channel from its roster. I never thought I’d live to see the day.

Miss. U for Women Spring Term I, Enrichment Program, starts on January 25. Varied subjects are offered: Smart Gardening, Basics of Cake Decorating, Courthouse Records in Historical and Geneological Research, Embroidery, Water Aerobics and more. Spring Term II March 24 – May 2 will offer Italic Calligraphy, Foods of the Bible, Local Culture/ History Tour, Medicare 101, Tombigbee River Valley History. Check or call (662) 241-6101.

Traipsin’ down to New Orleans the seafood was finger lickin’ good at Galatorie’s. Trout Meunier Amanadine was my choice and my friend Judy chose Crabmeat Sardou. This pic was not included in the last column but methinks to offer it now as a tasty reflection (notice mirrored walls) of atmosphere and food were very jolly.

Wendy’s on the bypass (thinking of food) is a favorite haunt of the Sunday lunch crowd it seems. Did you know Wendy’s in L’ville gives Free Coffee to Senior Citizens? Some of the Methodist crowd recently convened there were, Judy McLeod, Beverly and Harry Kemp, Ceila and Rev Bo Mills.

Susan Adcock and her husband Pastor Adcock of Endtime Sanctuary UPC along with their guest evangelist for that day, Rev. Robert Gordon from Oregon, gathered in another circle.

Rev. Mills and Celia visited Charles Smyth when he was in the hospital in Jackson. They were visiting Charles when Doug Cunningham and his wife Allen were there too. Rev Mills knew Allen’s brother while attending Emory University in Atlanta. I saw Charles during Christmas and he said he was feeling fine.

Don’t forget the Great Backyard Bird Count, Feb. 14-17. In this annual four-day program, participants are asked to count birds for a minimum of 15 minutes per day and report their sightings. Get more info at