Traipsin Round Town

Lynne Cunningham
Provides a view from the community.

Now we get our Easter Snap with more rain but warmer weather is predicted for Easter Sunday. How lovely the transformation will be when the cruel cross (at First Methodist) miraculously blooms forth in spring flowers of glorious colors and forms. The wormwood and the gall are forgotten and defeated with the promise of rebirth in the spring.

Traipsing down the Natchez Trace to Jackson, the grass grows so lush and green around the banks of the Reservoir, it makes you want to hide Easter Eggs, if not hunt them. We’ll have a plethora of E.E. hunts going on around town. Wanda and Kevin Hudson will host a hunt for the kids of First Presbyterian Sunday School. Next door to their house is Mary and Mike Boyles’ house. They have five flowering pink dogwoods which seem to have floating poofs of cotton candy on their limbs. An out-of-town visitor in L’ville recently was Sandra Trest Sission of Amory who was the guest of B.J. Kellegham. Sandra visits our stratosphere fairly regularly. A host of L’villians journeyed to Starkville recently for the matchup of women’s basketball teams, MSU Lady Bulldogs and U. of Kentucky’s Lady Wildcats. Matthew LaMont Mitchell of Winston County is coach of the U. of K. team and his loyal family and friends made the scene. It was a nail-biting encounter that ended in overtime. The MSU team boasted some very adapt and very tall team members who hardly ever missed the basket when they aimed for it. But Kentucky’s players are scrappy and fast and in the end they prevailed.




Matt’s mother, Carol, was on hand to cheer on her “chosen” team and have some quality time with her Kentucky grandchildren. Her daughter-in-law Jeena and her daughters Saylor Rose and Presley Bleu flew down on the plane with the team and coaches from Lexington. Matthew’s brother, Mark and his family were there, Luann, Bryce, and Hannah. They live in Starkville and didn’t have far to drive. Janet Patey Jackson, also from Starkville, planned to come but developed a hairline fracture in her foot and thought better of trying to negotiate the tall steps around the “court.” Sylvia and E. L. Vowell brought their sweet grandgirl, Betsy Karson Hatcher (9 years old), to see these teams battle it out. More L’ville fans were Alene and Johnny Johnson, Janice and Dan Curran, Headmaster Rigby and Diane, Jeanette and Jerry Donald, Paula Fulton, Judy Rogers and her children. Cousins from Jackson were Sherry and Tim Byrne, Madalyn and Steve Hindman, and Matt’s forever friends, Mary and Les Triplett. More cousins from Starkville were Janice and Bobby Atkinson and more fans from L’ville were B.J. Kelleghan and Ed Truex. It lifted Matt’s spirits to have so many of his favorites with him… and to win the game.

Natchez Trace driving is at a slower pace but rewards are great… unless you get a speeding ticket “exceeding.” But at the 50 mph limit you get to see peripherally the overarching trees now leafing out and fleeing game such as deer or turkey. I even bore down on a skunk stretched out straight as you please all but peeling across the road. I know it was a skunk cause the bottom layer was black and the top layer was white. Only I could spend $100.00 on the Trace between Eupora and Tupelo. When I drove up to Corinth to visit friends I headed to Ackerman then doglegged over north toward Eupora and got on the Trace south of Eupora. The National Park Service operates a visitor center near Tupelo and they provide excellent advice for travelers and sell souvenirs and gifts. I bought some very appealing books for children and gifts (made in China of course) which I hadn’t seen anywhere else. One item was a stuffed toy canoe in which rode Merriweather Lewis, Clark and Sacajawea, with a papoose on her back. It was so charming I couldn’t resist. I even bought a Nevada Barr paperback at 20% off. One strip on this route is amazing and unsettling, an 8-10 mile stretch where the devastating tornado passed several years ago.

Linda and Keith Hudson attended his LHS Class Reunion recently and there were some fond memories passed around. Linda said, Dr. Berlyn Edwards reminisced about some kindhearted lady neighbors who peeled, cut, and served him tiny cubes of sweet sugarcane when he was a wee lad.

Its back, the Weather Channel on DirectTv! After a 3 month hiatus our old friends have returned to shepherd us through the morass and abysses of severe Spring weather! Due to circumstances involving “money,” negotiations have evolved to bring back the talking heads of climate. I am very glad to have Jim Cantore, the Walter Cronkite of TWC back in my life. I’ve been lonely without him and Mike Slidell.