Traipsin’ Round Town by Lynne Cunningham

Have you realized that the holiday season (Thanksgiving and Christmas) arrives upon the heels of Halloween? Even the weekend before Halloween (on Wednesday this year) there were ads on tv with Christmas ornaments decorating the commercials shown on the wide screen. One Tupelo television station used a group of Madrigal Singers all dressed up in Medieval costumes as a backdrop. They eventually stepped forward singing Elizabethan songs and ultimately issuing an invite to attend their Banquet Night event (feasting and frolicking) in support of a local charity an annual happening. Where did our Indian summer go – out-of-sight so quickly?

Kay Henderson’s grandson Stance, an MSU student, spent a week in Kenya this summer as a volunteer at the Limuru Children Center near Nairobe. This center was established by and gains support from a larger program of humanitarian aid, e.g., Global Connections. The organization’s aim is to provide humanitarian aid in living aspects such as farming practices, schooling and shelter for orphaned children and giving free medical and dental treatment. Information about this very worthy organization can be found on the web at

Stance was working primarily with an American dentist who was treating dental patients from the local population. He said there were volunteers from many countries working at the center when he was there and some of his newfound friends were from down-under Australia and New Zealand. The Center is located in a high alttitude area of Kenya and offered mild temps during the day with very cool breezes at night. When asked about the food provided for volunteers Stance allowed that it was pretty standard American-type fare. But the desserts were rather dry and tasteless he said so he decided to show everyone how good a Mississippi-type cake could be and baked a good one for them with lots of eggs and butter. Yum Yum. You are a good ambassador for Mississippi cooks, Stance. Stance is the son of Kay Henderson’s, son Joey Henderson and his wife Pam who live in Columbus, MS. Some of the loyal contributors to Global Connections in Columbus are Columbus Brick Co., Hope Community Church and Annunciation Catholic School. If you would like more info on Global Connections you could inquire from Global Connections P.O. Box 9630 Columbus, MS. 39705.

Dr. Bo Calloway has retired from his longtime service as teacher for the First United Methodist Sunday School class, The James E. Calloway Bible Study Class, which he founded in 1959. He recently received a plaque honoring that service and others during the 11 o’clock morning worship service at FUMC. He has also been a longtime faithful member of the Chancel Choir and Men’s Chorus of First Methodist.

I was caught in a traffic jam on Hwy 15 recently passing Taylor’ Machine Works around 2:45 p.m. CDT. I usually turn off at the brickyard when I’m coming to town and take Old Ackerman Rd. But this time I stayed on Hwy. 15 forgetting about traffic at Taylor’s. Since I got stopped in a long line of cars about even with Edwina and Dr. Calloway’s house I could easily look over (with the top of my car down) and see them hard at work in the yard. Dr. Bo was blowing and going industriously on the riding mower and Edwina was picking up pine cones with a “grabber.” I kept waving to them but they were too busy to look up. I didn’t dare blow my horn being square in the middle of about 25 cars.

After I got going again I encountered school traffic at Fair Elementary on my way to the P.O. and driving from there to Jordan Circle near Georgia Pacific I was stopped at the Railroad Crossing X by an occasional passing train pulling open topped cars filled with something which looked like woodchips. What a frustration – traffic congestion in our little hamlet of Louisville!

Freny and Raymond McKay have returned to their homeport of Bossier City, LA. They were visiting her family in the Philippines recently. This Christmas they plan to be at home in the U.S. for a change because they usually spend the holiday in the warmer climes of the Philippine Islands. They sent me a postcard from this trip of Honda Bay on Palawan Is. which showed crystal clear waters lapping upon glistening white beaches, picture perfect. Sylvia and Bob Clark joined his classmates from the United States Military Academy, Class of 1958 in Washington, D.C. for an annual gathering of U.S. Academy graduates and spouses. At the site of so much history and government there was a plethora of opportunities for seeing landmarks and monuments. Among the points of interest Sylvia and Bob visited and the monuments to which they paid tribute were Arlington Cemetary and Mount Vernon, WWII and Korean monuments, and Viet Nam Memorial. Bob’s Class of ’58 has 13 classmates’ names listed on the Viet Nam Wall. Louisville and Winston County Natives names who made the supreme sacrifice are also listed with the thousands of names etched into the granite wall.

Some corrections are in order for my personal blips or slips – not misprints. I identified Laura Ann (Liddell) and her husband Howard as Liddell but she is Laura Ann Powell and her husband is Gorden Powell. Their son Howard is named for his grandfather, Laura Ann’s father Howard Liddell. And Tony’s Tamales is factually located on Woodrow Wilson – not Fortification.

What would be your nominees for the Top Ten Beautiful Trees of Fall in town and nearby this year? From my meager survey I’ve spotted a bunch. Eloise Gully’s backyard spots two deep burgundy leafed trees, which color up her neck of the woods. On Hwy. 15 the Rives and Reynolds Lumber Office is set off by a beautiful tree with red leaves and moving along Old Ackerman Rd. Joann and Henry Brandy are the owners of a beautiful yellow tree. South Columbus had a steady stream of bright yellow, bronze and red leaves showing. One of the most brilliantly colored is Patty and Tommy Mitchell’s tree and another just behind in Margaret Fair’s yard. You may have a winner in your yard especially if you live on East Main toward Beth and Charley McCool’s house. Too bad we can’t keep these colors through the Christmas Holidays. That would mean lots of leaves to rake in the New Year. We must say Goodbye to the blooms of summer and Hello to Frosty (if not the snowman who may or may not visit this winter). Gear up for the holidays allowing yourself some meaningful respite for Rest and Recuperation, interspersed along the way.

We are so glad that Carolyn Mills is back at her desk cranking out news as the Peripatetic Chronicler (A.K.A. Roving Reporter, Keeper of the Flame of Communication). Hang in there Carolyn.