Traipsin’ Round Town by Lynne Cunningham

Short month that it is, February, the month of Valentine Love and
Presidents’ birthdays (George Washington and Abraham Lincoln)
ushered in two local notables birthdays, Joyce Frazier Kirkpatrick
and Noneine Frazier Keene. This year marked a special milestone for
Noneine and her children planned a special event in her honor. On
February 13, some years ago, Noneine and her brother Gene arrived in
a twin package of joy gracing their parents Mattie Sue and Lamar with
a first girl and first boy at once. Noneine’s children set about
finding a way to commemorate that happy event with everyone making
suggestions. Working out the program and details were Dan and Ingrid
Thompson, David and Carol Thompson, Sylvia and John Wright, Doug and
Robin Thompson and Darryl and Donna Thompson of Memphis TN. In on
the surprise party plans were June Frazier, Gay and Phillip Aman and
cousin Elaine Thompson. Noneine’s brother Bruce made a point of
treating her to a birthday dinner on her actual birth date making her
think that was pretty much all the celebration. The night of the
surprise party she was escorted into a private room a Lake Tiak
O’Khata by one son not knowing all the other sons, wives,
grandchildren, great-grandchildren and family were patiently waiting
to greet her and shower her with gifts. Her cousin Elaine presented
her with a certificate for 80 lbs of potting soil held for her at
Barbara’s Place. Elaine said she always wanted to give a gift of
dirt with card reminding the recipient that they are now “older than
dirt”! Also awarded to the Birthday Girl were gifts of 80 daffodil
bulbs, 80 rolls of Charmin Tissue, 80 loads of laundry powder, 80
sheets of Bounce, 80 sheets of Kleenex, 80 homemade cupcakes,
chocolate, and the largest one, a flat screen TV set, 80 “x 80.”

Celebrations abounded this fall when several LHS Classes held
reunions and gatherings. The Class of 1952 celebrated their 60th at
Lake Tiak O’Khata with an enthusiastic crowd who tuned up their
voices to sing the LHS Alma Mata led by Sylvia Duck Clark. Class
President Percy Mac Frazier, resident now of Franklinton, LA, where
he is a lay pastor of the United Methodist Church, served as master
of ceremonies, welcoming members of the class of ’52 and their
spouses. Out- of – town classmates in the group were Nancy Browning
Galatas of Greenville, Charles and Roxene Atkinson and Mary Watson
West of Starksville, Sarah Mitchell Mize of Oxford, Delores Smith
McCalip of McComb, Jeanie Carmichael Stone of Southhaven, Stanley
Green of Dawsonville, GA., Stanley Ivy of Raymond and Carl Cockrell
of Shannon.

Another class reunion was held by former LHS ers, Class of ‘57. This
lively bunch started off with a gathering at Jeanette and Jerry
Donald’s house and garden and progressed to a brunch the next day at
the Lake. In memory of deceased classmates a devotional was held and
balloons were released outside in their memory. Dana McMillin
Bennett journeyed to Louisville from Sherman,Texas for the reunion
winning the longest distance traveled award. The highlight of the
meeting at the Lake was an outstanding performance by an Elvis
impersonator discovered by Jerry Donald. Among those especially
enjoying the Elvis impersonator were Margaret Jennings Adams, amd her
husband, Peggy Childs Mitchell, Linda and Keith Hudson, Dale Carter
Beyer and her husband Karl. Some of the officiators planning the
reunion were Patty Stevens Jones, Gail DuBard Jabour, Darryl Parkes
and Peggy Childs Mitchell. Everyone joined in, about 65 in all, made
this a successful reunion. They plan to have another in two years.

The youngest Class of 1962 garned about 60 enthusiasts at their
reunion where Class President Jimmy Calvin Davis presided relating
some interesting Remembrances of Things Past. The official class
photo with the bust of each graduate was brought out for display.
Each class had a framed photo hung in the old LHS halls before the
current facility was built. Counted in that number of attendees
were Jaynie McKay Whitcomb of Atlanta, Dr. Jimmy Davis Jr., retired
in St. Petersburg, Fl area, Bill Hood (son of Miss. Highway
Patrolman) Janice Small Davis (wife of Jimmy Davis) Kathy Mangum
Monk, Mary Ann McCool Childs (married to Freddie Childs) and Paula
Crockett Mabry.

Paula lives in Starksville and she is the driving force in the
Starksville Community Theater. Covering all the bases she has served
as coach, actress, stage manager and director. Her latest success
was director of “The Fantasticks” musical fairy tale, beloved for 40
years or more. This class remembered and gave praise to the teachers,
administrators and coaches who so diligently worked and strove to
develop these students into responsible citizens and human beings.
Names were placed forward such as Mr. R. E. Heinze, Mr. H. C.
Earhart, Jr., Mr. J. T. Smith, Mrs. Ruth Stringer, and so many others
who guided, counceled and corralled them.
Recognized by his peers for outstanding craftsmanship, Louisville
native, Charles Frazier White, was the recipient of a $1,000.00 prize/
award given to a Fellow of the Craftsman Guild annually. This
winner must have proved his or her mettle by exhibit their creative
works. at Chimneyville, the annual Crafts Fair of the Guild. Charles
turns wood in a very artistic way to produce beautiful bowls,
decorative tree ornaments, bottle stoppers and commemorative sculptures.

He and Susan Clark, Louisville sculpturess were invited to exhibit
their creative works recently at the annual Episcopal Council Meet in
Jackson. Susan showed many of her angels. for which she is famous,
and Charles offered small votive holders and oil lamps as well as his
signature pieces.

As we say goodby to February we hope we’ll say hello to Spring with
more blooms and birds returning to our climes soon.