Traipsin Round Town

The new kids on the block are Jamey and David (mom and pop) Brieleigh
(big sis) and Lily Clarie (lil sis) Willers. Jamey is Beth
Crawford’s daughter and was a primary babysitter, child entertainer,
trusted care-giver to Carmen and David Mitchell’s family when Jamey
was in her teens. Now Jamey has a full time baby-sitter avocation of
her own. She and hubby David (he hales from Maben, MS) have recently
moved to L’ville from Richardson Texas and Mom and Grandmom Beth is
delighted. So are we!
Our flowering Spring has turned into soggy April/May but the plants
and trees can use the moisture to benefit their growth. As long as
your tomato plants and bedding plants don’t get “washed out”. The
points of interest around town plant-wise were many. There was a
full-blossomed dogwood in Joann and Henry Brandt’s yard, Louisiana
Iris along the south rim of Jim Butts’ yard, purple and yellow
bearded irises everywhere. And the Grancy Graybeards’ white fluffy
blossoms came out so well among the green leaves. There was and
still is a big pretty one in Emma Dean Catledge’s yard. The big
Grancy on the corner of Ellis and Metts was one of the most graceful
and showy last year but it has been pruned so severely since then to
render it wounded looking. Along Vance Street nea the WIC
Distribution Center stands an outstanding clump of spikey spiderwort
pushing out their tiny blossoms in purple profusion.
Susan Adcock has persevered through the rigrous of foot surgery like
a real trooper should and has high praise for her husband, Pastor
Marlon Adcock, picking up the slack admirably for her.
The ending flourish of the musical performing-arts season took place
in Jackson recently with the Miss. Symphony evoking musical magic for
the cacophony of Igor Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” . The Epoque-
changing work was such a departure from the usual, the cultured
elilists of the Parisene scene scoffed and even clanged their pearl-
handled walking sticks in disgust at the opening bars of the music.
That was 100 years ago.
Now the “The Rite” is totally appreciated. And the Miss. Opera
presented Cosic fan tutte, Mozart’s comic opera of lots of trills and
basso. Two former Miss. College students (when they sang with me in
Fondren Pres. Choir in Jackson) had starring rolls (cause the Miss.
Opera recruits Miss. artists for their productions). These two young
men graduated from Miss. College and received training/ degrees from
the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and the University of Louisville
(Kentucky) to become full-fledged performers of the highest order.
And they proved too be accomplished stand-up comics as well. Byron
and Chris stood-out. Chris is 6’6” so you couldn’t miss his presence.
Back home in Louisville, the friends of the Legion State Park
sponsored “Fishing Rodeo unfolded as scheduled on Saturday May 4th ,
in spite of soggy ground and near freezing temps at 7:00 a.m.
Cancellation was considered in view of inclement weather all week
but 500 fat cats (fish had been released into the lake Thursday and
planners never looked back after that after that. Lots of hooks were
baited and fishes were hooked to the delight of young fishermen and
women on Saturday. Friends and volunteers who planned and worked on
Saturday were President Frances ball, Vice President Paul Simons,
Marilyn Shepherd, Henry Brandt, and Cline Shepherd, Jerry McCullough
and Sherry Flake. The opening ceremony was conducted by Park Manager
Tim Flake. Rev. Ernest Flake offered the Invocation and Senator
Giles Ward issued the welcome. The Cub Scouts led the group in the
Pledge of Allegiance. Tracy McCully sand the National Anthem with
strength and fervor and those of you who sing know that the anthem is
difficult to sing on a hot day much less a cold day in Spring.
Friends of the Library held their annual booksale last weekend.
Joann Brandt organized and recruited loyal volunteers to mind the
store and sell the books over the 3-day sale. Thanks to loyal
customers, the sale was a great success. Many volunteers served and
on Friday morning the first team was in action ; e.i. , Nancy Ellis,
Sarah Garrigues, Bettie Mills, and Mary Rose Moore.
“Our Municipal elections behind us now, we can march on to accomplish
the best we can for our city and community.
With a nod to Mother Nature bringing us yellow pollen for the pines
and white pollen from the pecan trees and rain to wash some of it
away, we look forward to May’s flowers and June’s sunshine to nurture
our tomato plants. Bacon and tomato sandwiched galore. I almost for
got: June brides and more flowers.