Turning the Tide on Poverty Action Forum prepares plan

Submitted by: Rita Tanksley Area Agent, MSU Extension Service

It’s time for “Action.” As a part of the “Turning the Tide on Poverty” program, members of Community Circles met at the Winston County Extension Office for an Action Forum. Concerned citizens met in Community Circles for five weeks to address some of the issues related to poverty in our community. Each circle formulated Action Ideas to present at the Forum. After much discussion, participants voted and selected ideas to pursue further over the next few months. Six “Action Teams” were formed from the following Action Ideas: develop and distribute a resource guide of governmental, educational, and charitable services available in the community, improve communication capabilities throughout the county, form a coalition to investigate Louisville becoming a certified “Excel by 5” community, improve the existing Parent-Teacher Organization, form church and school volunteer groups to help those in need, and form a citizen’s educational committee to work with the school system to deal with educational issues. Poverty is a big problem. There are many ways to begin. By taking a step to join one of the Action Teams, the community can pull together to create change. If you are interested in participating with any of these Teams, contact the Winston County Extension Office at 662-773-3091. The “Turning the Tide on Poverty” program began when several community leaders joined together with the idea to bring a “compassion network” together in the community.