Upward basketball celebrates another year of success

From press reports

The Louisville Upward program ended their 8th season with the awards
program at First United Methodist Church.

Approximately 185 children participated in Upward this past season in
Louisville, as the national average is about 165 children per league
across the United States.

The entertainer this year was the “Spoonman” from Michigan, who used
his talents of playing kitchen spoons to the tunes of music.

Volunteers from the audience were asked to come on stage to assist
him with some acts in his program. But the most entertaining part of
his program was when Upward coaches Robin Wright and Brian Sims were
called on to assist the “Spoonman” with their own set of spoons, in
the playing and acting, to the song of ‘YMCA”. This was a crowd
favorite as the children enjoyed seeing their coaches on stage.

Each year at the conclusion of the Upward season, the Award
Celebration brings an end to a great year, with entertainment,
recognition or volunteers, and gifts to each player.

FUMC and FBC of Louisville alternate hosting the Awards Celebration
at the conclustion of the season each year.
The motto of Upward is “Every Child Is A Winner”, as equal playing
time and recognition is given to each child, regardless of athletic

Approximately 125 volunteers are needed each year to conduct the
program, that usually has 150-200 children registered.
Children in grades K5-6th grade are elgible to particpate each year,
as the K5-2nd grade children play and practice at FUMC and the
3rd-6th grade children participate at FBC in Louisville.

Registration for season 9 will begin in October and the sign up forms
will be placed in all the Winston County schools then.
Thanks to all the volunteers and supporters of the Louisvlle Upward
program this past season.