Volunteers host a 5th Sunday Christmas Service for WCCRCF prisoners

From staff and press reports


Volunteers held the second 5th Sunday service and celebrated the Christmas at the Winston Choctaw Correctional Regional Correctional Facility December 29, 2014.

The 5th Sunday Christmas Service was conducted at the correctional facility for 107 inmates. Lee Wylie, the visiting lay speaker for FBC of Tupelo brought the message of Jesus Christ. An invitation was given and 57 decisions were made for Jesus Christ.

Following the invitation WCCRCF Chaplin Tim Smith conducted communion with the inmates. Two services were conducted that Sunday.

After the service concluded, the inmates were given cokes, cookies and candy.

The volunteers and Joe Wylie thank Vowell’s Market for the cokes, cookies and candy. They also want to thank Wal-Mart for a gift card to purchase candy for the inmates.

“I especially want to thank the volunteers from Tupelo for helping to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Joe Wylie. “I also want to thank WLSM Radio Station for providing a portable public address system at the last minute for the service.”


(Left to Right) Tim Smith, Chaplin and Pastor Enon Baptist Church, Lee Wylie, Deacon in Tupelo and Lay Speaker from FBC Tupelo, Joe Wylie, Coordinator of the 5th Sunday Service Volunteers for Jesus and volunteer from Tupelo Billy Bethany. two other volunteers are not pictured.