Wal-Mart and LMSD recognize teachers

From staff reports


The Louisville Municipal School District hosted a Teacher Recognition Reception on September 26.

The reception honored those teachers whose students excelled on the state tests.

Wal-Mart helped sponsor the reception by giving $50 gift cards to 20 of the teachers that were honored.  The district provided the remaining teachers gift cards.

Gwenita Mays stated that she was “proud to represent Wal-Mart and to give back locally to the community.”  She stated that “Wal-Mart will continue to support teachers and students.”

The store awarded the cards through the Teachers Rewards Program.

Walmart stores, Distribution Centers and Sam’s Club locations are awarded more than 45,000 educators with $100 each through the Teacher Rewards program this back-to-school season, infusing $4.5 million to schools across America.

It’s estimated that educators spend approximately $500 out of their own pockets each year for classroom supplies, including snacks for students who may not have regular access to food. The Teacher Rewards program helps offset those costs.

Last year, educators’ top purchases through the Teacher Rewards program included 25,000 report folders, 24,000 packs of pens, pencils and crayons, 14,000 packs of paper, 13,000 packs of markers and 10,000 binders and clipboards, in addition to other essentials items—showing teachers need basic supplies to help support their classrooms.

“Teachers are the single most important factor in preparing students to be the next generation of leaders and to succeed in the workforce,” said Margaret McKenna, president of the Walmart Foundation. “With budgets tightening, we want to support teachers who are purchasing supplies for their classrooms out of their own pockets.”

Each Walmart store, Distribution Center and Sam’s Club location across the U.S. are eligible to select one local kindergarten through eighth grade public school and provide reward cards.

Ken McMullan, LMSD Superintendent, congratulated the teachers on a job well done and thank ed Wal- Mart for recognizing those teachers.

The following teachers were recognized: Teresa Boydstun- LES, Christy White-LES, Cynthia Hemphill-LES, Deborah Halfacre- LES, Carin Fondren- LES, Lori Matzek- LES, Karen Pearson- LES, Lisa Horne- LES, Haley Bradley- EMS, Kimberly Prisock- EMS, Joyce Nance- NW, Marlena Nance- NW, Marsha Roeland- NW, Melanie Watkins- NW, Bill White- NW, Kristian Swearingen- NOX, Julie Stockton-NOX, Angel Chennault- NOX, Kari Halfacre- NOX, LeAnn Boswell- NOX, Carol Higginbotham- LHS, Elton Rah- NOX, and Kristen Kirkland-