Warm welcome: Banners provide a welcome to Winston County visitors

By Gwen Sisson

Louisville Mayor Will Hill said the welcome banner project began as an idea to give the bypass some life and welcome visitors, but it will do so much more.

“The Highway 25/15 Bypass is sometimes the only portion of Louisville many people throughout our great State see and we have made every effort to make it safer and more welcoming,” Mayor Hill said. “It’s no secret budgets are tight and we try to do all we can with as little as possible. The banner project is no different. I would like to thank the businesses and organizations who supported the endeavor by purchasing banners and, in turn, their sponsorship made the entire bypass banners possible.”

Pilot Club Members with the banner for the club on the bypass.

Pilot Club Members with the banner for the club on the bypass.

Hill said spaces are still available for additional sponsorships and the proceeds will allow the city to replace the banners downtown, paint the street light poles downtown, and can be put to use for a variety of other beautification projects.

“I have had numerous positive comments throughout the State about our lights and banners on the bypass, which I always smile with pride and extend the invitation to come see for yourself how much more Louisville has to offer,” Hill said.

Hill has worked with the Chamber design committee on creating the banners. About 30 total banner locations are available to businesses, civic clubs or any organization. The banners are a one time $1,000 payment or three $300 quarterly installments for a sponsorship on a banner.

Linda Skelton, director of the Chamber of Commerce through the Winston County Economic Development District Partnership, said the banners let people who may be just passing through know that “our town is on the move and that we are just off the bypass and worth a trip to downtown.”

“Plus they look really good on the light poles,” Skelton said. “Since the banners have been added on the by-pass, our Louisville Lions Club as added brackets to the poles and they display the American Flag on various holidays that stay up the entire week which is a beautiful sight and a reminder of our heritage and the sacrifices that were made by so many brave men and women that gave us the freedom to fly our flags.”

Skelton said the welcome banners are a joint project between the City of Louisville and the Chamber of Commerce/Main Street Association, and Louisville Utilities.

“We greatly appreciate the banner sponsors that have purchased banners thus far,” Skelton said. “We have had wonderful comments on the banners from visitors and hometown folks as well.”

For more information about purchasing a banner, please contact Linda Skelton at the Chamber of Commerce at (662) 773-3921.


  • Taylor Group
  • Louisville Lions Club
  • Citizens Bank
  • Louisville Rotary Club
  • Fair Propane
  • Bullock Toyota
  • Pilot Club of Louisville
  • NAPA
  • Waring Oil
  • Lake Tiak-O’Khata