‘Wings over Winston’ a success

From press & staff reports

It was fun for all as The Louisville/Winston County Airport Board held its “Wings over Winston” event this past Saturday at 11:30 a.m.

This year’s event was a huge success as a record crowd of thousands came out to witness thrilling displays of feats and stunts from various aircrafts from all around.

The gates to the airport were opened at 10 a.m. to the public, which gave everyone time to settle in and find a good location to see the show before it began. The show began with a welcome from Louisville Mayor Will Hill, who expressed his pleasure of how events like these can be possible with local, state, and federal government working in unison with each other. Hill also expressed his joy in this event being celebrated as a community as well a state.

DSC_1614After the welcome, Sky divers kicked off this year’s event as they plummeted from the blue skies at daring speeds and landed on the airport terminal. This was followed by aerobatic acts featuring a T-6 and T-28 with a Super Decathlon, a Piper Super Cub and a Skybolt 300 stunt plane doing solo aerobatic acts for the delight of the crowd.

One of the show’s most featured attractions, the B-25 Bomber known as the “Devil Dog,” was still one of the show’s biggest draws of the day. The World War II era bomber flew in formation with the P-51 Mustang as part of the event and to honor all veterans of the service.

For those who were interested in taking a flight on the famous Devil Dog B-25 were given an opportunity before and during the show to purchase a flight. Flights purchased before the show were $400, while flights purchased during the show were $450.

Devil Dog Copilot and pilot

Devil Dog Copilot and pilot

Other attractions during the show were Koontz’ Killer Daredevil Feats performed by Greg Koontz. During his act, Koontz flies the American Champion Super Decathlon, the Extreme Decathlon, and a Piper Cub that is landed atop a pickup truck, playing an “Alabama Boy” who steals an airplane without knowing how to fly. Koontz’s performance was a crowd-pleaser, with many in attendance watching his set in awe.

Another performer at this year’s show was Randy Harris and his Heart-Stopping Displays. Harris is the demonstration pilot for the Skybolt 300. In his plane, Harris entertained the huge crowd with his demonstrations of his several original maneuvers he invented which included the HammerSlide, GroverOver and Happy Puppy Pass.

Attendees look at the Devil Dog and other planes on the tarmac Saturday.

Attendees look at the Devil Dog and other planes on the tarmac Saturday.

Many local businesses and individuals contributed to the show, which allowed for admission to be free. Many food vendors were on site served up delicious refreshments for the thousands in attendance.

With the success of “Wings over Winston,” members of the Louisville/Winston County Airport Board are already excited to see what heights next year’s event may go. For more information regarding the aiport or “Wings over Winston,” you may contact the Louisville/Winston County Aiport at 662-705-1446 or 662-803-5102