Winston Countian travels abroad

From press reports

Austin Harrison gained several unique experiences through a University of Mississippi program.

Harrison through a University of Mississippi Study Abroad trip visited South Africa and learned about some unique cultural and social parts of the country Harrison noted the experience in an email:

“In March 2012, I had the unique opportunity to visit Port Elizabeth South Africa through a University of Mississippi Study Abroad trip. The purpose was to become immersed in the South African society, perform acts of community service, and experience South Africa’s most notable social event, Apartheid. During my time in South Africa I, along with ten other Ole Miss students, had the opportunity to participate in community service activities including: building a garden at House of Resurrection children’s orphanage, planting trees at Sapphire Elementary School, and establishing Holiday School summer camp. The summer camp will serve as a means to help children of Port Elizabeth escape the ever-challenging events they face daily. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to talk to individuals who experienced Apartheid personally. Also, I was able to visit the mouth of the Indian Ocean and go on an African Safari. All of these events contributed to an eye opening experience as I learned the culture of a country on the Southern tip of Africa. Through my experiences abroad, I have advanced my education by comparing the society of other countries to that of America.

I will travel to Seoul, South Korea this summer in hopes to continuing my education, by immersing myself in the South Asian culture.”

According to the University website: This program provides students with an opportunity to volunteer in local community projects. While giving of your time and skills, you also gain an understanding of the development challenges facing South Africa. Lectures are taught by NMMU faculty and are schedule from Monday to Thursday. Friday’s are reserved as self study days. The value of the program is enhanced by practical visits and field trips to places of interest that compliment the program. It also includes a longer overnight field trip to a rural area where studnets have the opportunity to experience firsthand the history and local culture with knowledgeable hosts.