Winston County Anchor Club hosts party

Winston County Anchor Club members enjoyed hosting  a Halloween Party for the residents of the Hudspeth Center on Sunday, Oct. 27. Anchor Club is sponsored by the Pilot Club of Louisville and encourages high school students to meet the six characters of Anchor:

Altruism — Anchors participate in altruistic activities through selection, organization and participation in various service projects both in their schools and their communities.

Noble Purpose — Anchors discover that it is always more rewarding to give than to receive. Anchors have a grateful and giving heart and through in-school activities, service projects and unique partnerships with national organizations such as and others, Anchors find their own Noble Purpose – their individual gifts and talents – and learn how to use it for the betterment of all.

Citizenship — Anchors assume leadership roles within their club and are given the drive and experience to become better citizens in their schools and communities. Partnerships with national organizations such as the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge help instill a love of community and civic-minded service. Through hands-on experiences, Anchors learn to recognize a need and act upon it. The team-building, confidence and leadership skills fostered in Anchor Clubs today will be exhibited in these better citizens of tomorrow.

Honor — Anchors are honorable people – honest and fair, showing integrity through consistency in their beliefs and actions. To honor another person is to show them high regard and respect. Anchors become honorable individuals through good works and action, learning that service above self is key.

Open-Minded — Anchors step outside their own comfort zones to view others – and themselves – in a new and kinder light. Through interaction with people of various ages and abilities, demographics and differences, Anchors learn to engage with and show respect for all individuals and all ideas. Anchors are exposed to new environments and new challenges which open their eyes to see the needs of the world around them. Anchors are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to respond.

Responsible — Anchors are taught to be responsible for themselves and others through group activities specifically targeted to combat the rising tide of irresponsible behavior seen in so many of today’s youth (bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, personal care, gossip, etc.). As Anchor membership grows, so will the nation’s number of positive, responsible young people, armed today with the tools to face the challenges of tomorrow.