Winston County Democratic Party holds Rally

By Elmetra Patterson

It was a beautiful evening at beautiful Dean Park in Louisville, MS for a Democratic Party Rally and Fish Fry. Over 150 people were in attendance as the Winston County Democratic Party kicked off its first rally for the upcoming election. Rev. Joe Glass, pastor of Pleasant Ridge M. B. Church, Noxapater, MS, opened the rally with a prayer. Chairman of the Winston County Democratic Party, Calvin Hampton, outlined the plans for the November 6th election which includes door to door voters contact and phone banking. Master of Ceremonies Norris Suttles proceeded with the rally by introducing Ms. Deidre Tubby who sang the National Anthem with a unique soprano voice that sent chills throughout the ‘center hills’.

Several attendees told of when they heard the voice it convinced them to come out to the rally. Miss Deidre was recently crowned Miss Magnolia State. DJ Jump aka Harvey Hampton provided the music for the rally.

Mr. Albert N. Gore, Jr., spoke as a candidate for U. S. Senator. He is a retired Methodist minister from Starkville, a retired Colonel, and Chaplain, U.S. Army Special Forces. As a senator, he proposes to end corporate and big money influence in elections; impose a lifetime ban on lobbying and employment by government contractors for former Congressmen, retired military officers and former federal appointees; require a twenty-four hour limit on response time to constituent requests of the Senator’s office; meet regularly with Mississippians, not lobbyists; fight to preserve and protect Social Security, Medicare and Veterans Benefits for current and future generations and be a Senator for Mississippi, not just a senator from Mississippi – a citizen legislator not a career politician.

Brad Morris, spoke as Candidate for U. S. Representative. Brad Morris is a small businessman and attorney in Oxford, MS who has both public sector and private sector experience. As Congressman, he promises to fight for the opportunities that help middle class and working families in North Mississippi move ahead. He stated, “The federal government gets involved in too many areas and we need to reduce our national debt, but it is immoral and short-sighted to balance the budget on the backs of children, seniors, and middle class families”. He is a believer in Public Education and College Aid. He knows firsthand how it opens opportunities for children from middle and working families. He is also ready for real reform by curbing the corrupting influence of big money and put power back in the hands of regular people.

State Senator Sampson Jackson II introduced State Representative Michael T. Evans as the guest speaker. Mr. Evans spoke about the differences between the two parties. He stated that the Democratic Party is generally for the middle class and working people. He spoke about his concern for education in our public schools and wants improvements. He is concerned that our legislators are not getting information back to the people. He encouraged members to GET OUT THE VOTE and get our democratic candidates elected to office.

Mr. Hampton closed the rally by stating, “We, the Democratic Party of Winston County, are MOVING FORWARD. We are hard working folks, we stand for the common person, believe in God, love our country, and we are FIRED UP AND READY TO VOTE! This successful rally is just the beginning.”