Winston Garden Club hold September and October meetings




The September meeting of the Winston Garden Club was held on September 10 at Lake Tiak O’Khata in the Quilt Room. There were nine members and two guests present. Johnna Williamson and Charlotte Files were the hostesses for the evening. The tables were set with white tablecloths, green and yellow napkins, and centerpieces of yellow mums.

To open the meeting, Mary Snow read the poem “My Cup Overflowed”. Shari Flake gave the invocation and Mary Rose Moore led the Pledge of Allegiance. A meal of baked chicken, green beans, rice, and jello was served. Dessert was homemade pound cake from the kitchen of Johnna Williamson.

Gwynn Hall introduced the speaker for the evening, Julie Cunningham, Winston County’s Chancery Clerk. Her topic was the responsibilities of the Chancery Clerk office. Some of the most important duties are receiving and recording documents, maintain indexes for documents, recording fees, homestead exemption, and holding chancery court.

The business meeting followed.

Financial report

Motion by Johnna Williamson and second by Charlotte Files to construct a border around the Legion State Park Butterfly Garden. Motion passed.

Winston County Garden Club is now on Facebook

Reminder to bring treats each meeting for the Green Thumb Club

Next meeting is October 8

The centerpiece mums were award as door prizes




OCTOBER 8, 2013

The October meeting of the Winston Garden Club was held on October 8 at Lake Tiak O’Khata in the Quilt Room. There were 12 members and two guests present. Gwynn Hall was the hostess for the evening. Each table was decorated in brown, orange, and green with a scarecrow, miniature pumpkins, and an orange candle. The group was served a meal of chicken salad, fresh fruit, marinated green bean wraps, and a half sandwich. A freshly baked banana nut cake made by Gwynn Hall was served for dessert.

President Shari Flake called the meeting to order. Mary Rose Moore led the Pledge of Allegiance. Carolyn Mills gave the invocation. Gwynn Hall introduced the speaker, Kline Shepherd who spoke on Legion State Park and the Friends of Legion State Park. His main points were:

Friends of Legion State Park was formed eleven years ago when the park was close to being closed

A fishing rodeo for kids is sponsored each year at the park

The park facilities are now handicap assessable Statewide Commissioners met at the park last year and evaluated the park. They were very impressed

The park is registered as a Mississippi Landmark and is also on the National Register Tim Flake is the head ranger and does a great job managing the park.

There are thirty members of Friend of Legion State Park at the present time. They meet quarterly. Membership dues are $10 per year

There is a need for landscaping of the rock picnic area.

The Nature Trail is maintained by Johnny Thompson and Jimmy Tabor.

The park has a butterfly garden. The wildflowers are not growing well. There is a need for domestic flowers such a lantana to be planted there.

Along with the Winston Garden Club, the Rotary Club and Lions Club have committed to sponsor projects.

Season passes for the park are $42 for individual under 65 years of age and $32 for 65 and above.

Requested the Winston Garden Club to landscape around the chapel.

At the conclusion of Mr. Shepherd’s very interesting and informative program, the club held it’s business meeting. The minutes from the September meeting were read. The treasurer’s report was amended. There was a reminder to bring gifts each meeting for the nursing home residents. Members will view the Legion State Park chapel area and take suggestions for landscaping to the next meeting. Sheila Hickman must be replaced as Secretary/Reporter in January when she assumes a seat on the Louisville Municipal Schools Board of Trustees. The scarecrows and pumpkins were awarded as door prizes. The club adjourned until the next meeting on November 12.