Winston Guards hold monthly meeting

Winston Guards#2643 MS Division United Daughters of the Confederacy@ met on September 3, 2013 in the Colonial Room at Lake Tiak Okhata at 5:30 pm. Frances Woodruff and Beth Hemphill were hostesses. The tables were covered with white tablecloths and red napkins. The speaker’s podium was decorated with two Confederate Soldiers and each table held flag sets of the Confederacy.

Frances Woodruff, President, called the meeting to order at 5:39. Carolyn Mills blessed the food.

After the meal, Frances held a workshop to show how the President’s Packet of reports were filled out. We have a new member by transfer from CofC, Ashton Kolby Goodin and a new member application, Gloria Sarvis, ready to be mailed to general. Frances made a motion nominating Susan Jones, Connie Faye Estes and Eve Haggard to be delegates to the upcoming MS Division UDC convention. Beth Hemphill seconded the motion.

The President General has made the Wounded Warrior project her special project and is asking for at least $2.00 per member for the project. Winston Guards donated $102.00. Frances gave the subjects for the essay contest this year. MS Division Historian has chosen the following topics: Junior High – How the War Between the States Split Families, High School – Causes of the War Between the States, a Southern View. She gave a report on what her reports for our chapter were for this past year. Carolyn Mills made a motion that we donate $25.00 to the Lion’s Club for American flags to be placed on the bypass. Judy Goodin seconded the motion. Our magazine subscription is $15.00 per year. She has published four newsletters for the chapter this year. Connie Faye Estes reported that we had gotten $50.00 for our super saver stamps, donated 535 pounds of newspapers to local animal shelters, collected canceled stamps for veterans and used eyeglasses for Dr. Clifton. Judy Goodin made a motion that we adopt our local veterans in the VA in Kosciusko. Susan Jones seconded the motion. Frances announced that Hannah Christopher will receive the MS Division BABS scholarship. Our chapter donated $166.00 to Wounded Warrior for Nathan Hemphill’s term as President of the CofC. The MS Division CofC collected $808.29 and donated it to the General CofC Wounded Warrior project in honor of Nathan Hemphill . Frances brought greetings to the SCV at the General SCV convention held in July in Vicksburg, MS on behalf of the MS Division UDC and the President General.

Crosses of Military Service and Judah P. Benjamin were discussed. The treasurer’s report was given. We adjourned by holding hands and singing “Bless Be The Tie That Binds.”