Winston-Louisville Career and Technology Center offers classes

From staff reports


The Career & Technology Center offers 9 career and technical programs. The general purpose of these programs is to prepare the student for future employment in occupational areas of his/her choice and/or for entry into advanced post secondary education training in the same or related occupation skills.

Agricultural Power and Machinery is an instructional program designed to develop an all-around mechanic, who is capable of diagnosing and repairing agricultural equipment used in this area. Students receive a wide range of instruction that will give a broad understanding of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems.

The Automotive Service Technician program provides instruction in the foundational skills related to safety, tool and equipment usage, basic automotive service, brake service and electrical system service. The students will develop skills related to engine performance, steering and suspension service, electrical, and on-board diagnostics as they advance.

Today, there is a need for a partnership between educators, business and industry, and the community. Career Pathway Experiences provides students with skills learned in the classroom and how to apply those skills in the workplace.

The Construction program provides students with an introduction to carpentry, masonry, plumbing, cabinet-making, and electrical fundamentals. Students are taught general building techniques, knowledge of building materials, and instruction on the use of hand and power tools. After completion of the program, students will be registered with the Center for Construction Education and Research.

The Forestry program is a broad-based, diverse class with exposure to the natural world. Students will learn forestry basics as well as covering wildlife management. The program is based on hands-on learning, while using various sites for skills’ objectives.

Manufacturing Fundamentals I and Metal Fabrication II provide instruction in machine shop technology, industrial welding, and sheet metal fabrication. Students will be able to interpret blueprints, operate metal lathes, power drills, and other power tools. Students will also perform various welding operations and learn to use hand and sheet metal machines.

Simulation and Animation Design, or SAD, is designed for students who wish to develop, design, and implement projects in the field of game design and development. The program focuses on basic areas of character development, audio and video production, and design using visualization software. The program also finishes with a unit that requires students to develop their own gaming environment.

The Teacher Academy program is a course designed for students who are interested in the field of education. This class includes hands-on experience that will prepare students for future employment. Twice a week, students shadow local teachers in different areas.