Winston takes wild league win over Tri-County

By Austin Bishop
The Winston County Journal

Cory Burns has seen a few crazy things happen in baseball games over the years, but as a whole the Winston Academy head coach says nothing tops the game his Patriots played against district rival Tri-County Academy last Thursday.

“It was the wildest game I have ever seen in my life,” said Burns, who was thrilled his team escaped with an 11-10 win in the bottom of the seventh inning on an odd play.

With the bases loaded, two outs and two strikes on the batter, the TCA pitcher dropped the ball while he was standing on the rubber, constituting a balk. When a balk is called each base runner is awarded one base uncontested, thus handing the Pats the win that pushed them to 8-5 overall and 3-1 in league play.

“It was just crazy,” Burns said. “The game was tied 2-2, then we go up 5-2, before they cut it to 10-3. We score five runs and are up 10-3 and looking good until they score five in the fourth to make it 10-8 and then score two in the fifth to tie the game.”

While the balk pushed the winner run across the plate, pitcher Taylor Moody made a play in the top of the seventh that set WA up for the win.

With the game tied and a a runner on second and one out, Tri-County decided to bunt the runner to third. Moody came scurrying off the mound and made a diving back-handed catch of the ball that became a soft liner off the bat instead of going to the ground. Moody then jumped up and threw to second, doubling off the runner and ending the inning.

“That was a big, big play that gave us a chance to win,” Burns said. It was also Moody’s one-out, one-on double in the bottom of the seventh inning that put the eventual winning run on third base.

Moody went three-for-four on the day with a pair of doubles, while Rylee Pearson had a pair of singles and D.K. Boydstun delivered a hit as well.

Winston was scheduled to play Oak Hill Academy at home on Tuesday, before visiting Oak Hill at 4 p.m. on Thursday, and Central Academy in Macon on Friday. On Saturday the Patriots are scheduled to travel to to Hebron Christian for a doubleheader on Saturday that begins at 9 a.m.