Woman with local ties writes new book

By Monique R. Henderson

The social networking tool Twitter can help you to develop your creativity, enhance your connections and strengthen your professional image, according to a communications expert with ties to the Winston County area and Mississippi State.

“Creating a solid social media platform is challenging, but when you learn to master it, it builds much greater trust and conveys sincerity to your audience,” social media expert Germany Kent advised in her book, “You Are What You Tweet: Harness the Power of Twitter to Create a Happier, Healthier Life.”

The book, which was released earlier this year, features a variety of tools that the author says can be used to have more positive experiences on Twitter. She also emphasizes the unwritten etiquette of social media, and the importance of being kind and gracious in online interactions.

The former Mississippi State University student, who was involved in the student association, newspaper staff and yearbook while in Starkville, also suggests that users brand themselves carefully.



“Strive to create mystery around yourself from the offset,” “ she advises in her book. “It will give people a reason to want ‘more’ ….. Strive to present yourself as someone others would like to know more about.”

Kent has ties to the local area. She has family and friends in Noxapater and Philadelphia. Her mother, Lula Lampley Palmer, graduated from Camile Street High School in 1967 and she has several relatives nearby.

Kent said she has recently developed a passion for teaching others about the importance of using social media wisely – and not doing themselves long-term professional and personal damage online.

“This day in time, what you Tweet is so important because you are judged by your timeline. And individuals, as well as employers, are using social media as a platform to research others.”

Although she is proud of her book, Kent said she has other life accomplishments she cherishes more.

She said her biggest success has been “finding joy in small things and understanding that life is what you make of it. Every day is a new day and having gratitude for all the things that God has blessed me to see so far in my lifetime …. I count it all joy!”

Kent said she isn’t quite sure what’s next for her professionally, but wants to “dedicate more effort to finding happiness, satisfaction, and enriching life experiences, bringing light to a dark world.”