Women leaders maybe the answer to present political partisanship

Senator Giles Ward announced last Thursday at the Neshoba County Fair that he would not seek reelection for MS Senate District 18 seat in 2015.  News like

this got my wheels turning- wondering who would run for this seat.
The majority of the seat is in Neshoba and Leake counties.  It only covers a small part of Winston County.  It would make sense for someone from Neshoba or Leake to run for the vacancy, but it has been proven in Ward’s case that a Winstonian can win the seat. Ward beat incumbent Senator Gloria Williamson in 2007. 
I believe more women should run for state offices.  I do not intend for this to be a women’s rights article or a “women should be treated the same as men” riff-raff.  In my opinion if you want to empower women, stop singling us out like we deserve some special treatment.
Women know how to get things done. 
Sometimes the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Ok- who am I kidding?  The only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
An example of this: an out of state freshman senator wanted her bill passed through a certain committee.  The committee chair was a tenured senator.  She simply baked him a cake the morning the committee met and her bill was passed.
Now I’m not saying win the senate office and open up a bakery at the MS State Capital, but my point is that women have a knack for understanding different people’s currency.  I guess one could say it is in our genes.
Think about it- as a child your mother new just what to say to push your buttons.  She knew what to threaten you with to make you stop hitting your little brother.  I know that with my Eli all I have to do is threaten to take his tractor away and submissive he stands.  Everyone has their own special currency so to speak. 
Women tend to be more community minded since they often worry about their children’s future. For example the United States has invested heavily in Afghan women and their role in the economic recovery of Afghanistan.  The United States knows that Afghan women will play a key role in the growth or decline of their country. 
Women make up more than 50% of the population in Afghanistan and right now they have been given an opportunity to attend the American University of Afghanistan which its sole purpose is to empower women to start their own business.
Slowly but surely they are seeing economic growth.  These women are learning that the sky is the limit for them. 
One of the key points that the American University of Afghanistan makes is that they believe in building ties to each other.  Building a network of support around an individual is not only encouraging but vital to succeed.
Networking is in a woman’s DNA.  We all know Ms. Peggy Sues’ mother’s sister’s cousin or we will figure it out before the conversation is over. Networking is vital for political office.  It allows you to make friends, but also alliances.
Currently, the Mississippi House has 19 women out of 120 spots serving as representatives.  The Mississippi Senate has only 8 women out of 52 spots serving as senators.  Women only hold 79 of the 435 US House seats and only 20 of the US Senate seats. 
We are in the 21st century; women are no longer are pulled around by their hair.  More women need to run for political office.  We are capable, we need to be willing, and we are certainly able.
2015 is an opportunity for women young and old to sign up to run for the MS Senate District 18.  
Editor’s note: Hanna McCain is a sales consultant for the Winston County Journal, Webster Progress Times and Choctaw Plaindealer.