Women participate in Nationwide Event

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Nearly a dozen local women gathered Thursday, August 7 at the home of Sarah Hill to preview the new fall Noonday Collection line. These women

joined thousands of other women across the United States in the company’s first nationwide event.
Guests at trunk shows around the country had the opportunity to preview a special video produced by International Justice Mission and Noonday Collection following the #StyleforJustice blogger trip in July. A team of high-profile bloggers traveled to Kilgali, Rwanda to partner with the women in Noonday Collection’s sewing co-op to design five new items for Thursday’s special event. Guests had the opportunity to vote for their favorite piece from five designs: a clutch, a tote, a make-up bag, a purse and a headband. The top two pieces will be added to Noonday Collection’s spring 2015 line.
Laura Walton, a Noonday Ambassador since March 2013, joined the company following a trip to Haiti. Her exposure to the Haitians’ extreme poverty and their lack of access to resources to improve their condition moved her to want to make an impact on global poverty when she returned home. As a Noonday Collection Ambassador, Walton travels throughout the southeast U.S. to partner with other women interested in advocating for the poor.
“Hosting a show enables the artisans’ stories to be shared with more and more individuals and hopefully, this moves others to action – whether it’s their purchasing of Noonday Collection items or other decisions that help break the crippling cycle of poverty,” says Walton.
Hill opened her home for the event and was excited to become a part of the artisans’ stories through this special nationwide event. “I have been to several Noonday trunk shows before, but hosting a show really feels like I’m making a contribution to those strong women and their families,” she said.
Noonday Collection is an Austin, Texas, based company that partners with over 20 artisans groups in ten counties, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Guatemala, Haiti, Ecuador, Peru, Rwanda, India and Vietnam. Noonday Collection has directly impacted 2,000 artisans in these countries through the rising trend of social impact businesses, which are focused on making a difference while creating trendsetting products.
For more information about the Noonday Collection partnerships and impact, visit www.laurawalton.noondaycollection.com or contact Laura Walton at LR_Walton@bellsouth.net or 662.617.1076.

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