Working Women – Sudduth creating edible creations of art

By Madison Barnett
Intern Winston County Journal

Natali Sudduth is the owner of When It Really Matters- Custom Edible Art by Natali.
Being the owner

of When It Really Matters, Sudduth has many duties and responsibilities from work and home life.
Her duties at work include providing custom cakes to the community and surrounding areas while insuring that each customer receives high quality desserts. Each cake she makes must fit the customer’s needs and budget.
Sudduth has to balance running this business and help raising 5 boys.
She has accomplished the transformation from working in a small home business to now owning her own business on Main Street.
Sudduth loves her job because she can work alongside with her kids and husband.
She commented, “Not many women have that luxury.”
Being from Germany, Natali knows what it is like to have to work for something she wants.
She said, “In Germany the government was so strict, here in the states it is the same but everyone has their own freedom to do whatever they like.”
She strongly believes that America is the land of opportunity and that is why she has strived to do her best with what she does, hoping one day her children will take over her business.
She teaches her children that in order for them to get somewhere they will have to work hard.
Sudduth uses her role as business owner to not only work and help provide a living for her faimly but to teach her children about the ideas of hard wrok, success and business ownership.
She is married to Shawn Sudduth and together they have five boys; Eric, 15, Marc, 13, Luke, 9, Nick, 6,Toby, 3.
sudduth photo 1

Sudduth cake