Yard of the Month named by Master Gardeners


As summer winds down and kids head back to school, many gardens have begun to suffer. Excessive June rain followed by oppressive heat and humidity of July has caused many gardeners to seek air conditioning in doors. This is not the case with our August “Yard of the Month”. This honor belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Leon Ellis who live at 3987 North Church Avenue. You will see Leon mowing this beautiful golf course worthy front yard several times a week even though his wife encourages him to stay indoors.






Beyond the beautiful front lawn you must venture to the back to find the real paradise. Here the yard looks as pristine as it did in April or May. A flowing waterfall is surrounded by coleus, lantana, and a variety of different ferns. Large pots are filled with impatiens, begionias, and lilies. Gardenia, hosta, caladiums, purple potato vine and numerous other plant species are present. There are many seating areas to relax and enjoy the view. A hammock provides a restful place to nap under a beautiful shade tree. You might fight Boots and her friends playing cards in the “Little House” or Leon puttering around in his hothouse out back. Be sure you don’t miss the prolific vine that grows all around the border of the back patio. Leon believes it to be called a Louisiana potato vine, but too many local gardeners it goes by a much more amusing name. Ask Leon and Boots to tell you about that story.






Leon credits his mother and grandmother for giving him love for plants. He says ever since he was a little boy he has helped both of them work in the yard. He decided that was just what you are supposed to do. Whether or not he was supposed to be a gardener we are very glad that you are, Leon, because your yard is a true showplace. Go by and enjoy it for yourself.