Young girl saved from drowning at family reunion

By: The Columbus Packet


A three-year old girl was rescued by some brave family members after nearly drowning in the pool of the Landmark Inn on Highway 45 in Columbus Sunday evening. Shanna Love, the mother of the child, said that her daughter, Faithe Unique Jackson, was playing with some of her young cousins when she apparently fell into the pool at the hotel around 5 p.m. Love told The Packet that two cousins, Edward Triplett and Jimmy Jackson, along with Faithe’s father, Roderick Jackson, were able to pull her from the water and save her life. Love was in Louisville, MS at the time of the accident and said that Faithe was at the reunion with her father.

“They told me Jimmy saw her in the water and jumped right in. I heard Edward grabbed her and gave her CPR. She was all blue,” Love said.

Witnesses said Jimmy Jackson dove into the hotel pool as soon as someone said they thought they saw something that looked “like a shirt” under the water. Jackson was able to grab the young girl and get her to the side to give to Triplett before he remembered he couldn’t swim himself. He was able to keep hold of the side and work his way to some steps and escaped shortly thereafter. (Shanna Love told The Packet that Jackson jumped in so fast he ruined his cell phone that was in his pocket.)

Triplett reportedly leapt into action and began chest compressions on young Faithe. Roderick Jackson joined in, continuing CPR until she coughed up some water and regained consciousness. An ambulance crew arrived on scene seconds later from Baptist Memorial Hospital- Golden Triangle and transported her to the hospital. At about the same time she was being received at the emergency room, Love received the call that her daughter had nearly drowned.

Longest ride of my life. Imagine coming all the way from Louisville, not knowing how she is? Not being able to hold her? I just prayed. The whole ride. I just prayed, “Love said.

Faithe Jackson was treated at the hospital that night and released to her mom. After another checkup on Monday, the doctors prescribed some medicine for a possible ear infection, but otherwise Jackson is in great shape. Her mother said she is still a little scared of the water.

“She told me she doesn’t want to go in our little pool in the back yard,” Love said. “She says water hurts her nose.”

Love said she just wants to hold Young Faithe, and do anything she can to make her happy, “When we went to the store, she got anything she asked for. I bought all of it. I just hug her and cry,” she said.

Love said that a minister for the family called the reunion shortly after the accident, telling them he had just had a vision of a young girl curled up, crying. Love said that he told the family that she had a special name, and that God had kept her for a reason.

“She is special, my Faithe. That’s just how she was- sitting there, curled up in the pool. She is a miracle,” Love said.

Love said words can’t express how grateful she is to Triplett and Jackson.

“What they did for us, for my family. I will never forget.” Love said.

The reunion continued through Monday evening with no more traumatic events reported. Faithe is the third child to have been rescued from drowning this year in Columbus, including Russell Humbers, who was pulled from an unkempt New Hope pool in March, and Katie Krieger, daughter of Packet Publisher Colin Krieger, who was saved by a lifeguard at the Lion Hills Club in Columbus in June. There have also been several tragic drownings, including young brothers Jacob and Justin Brown in the Luxapalilla in May and, most recently, 30-year old Bernardo Lopez Perez in Caledonia this past weekend.